have always focused our efforts on creating and maintaining a team highly specialized in the services offered by the Firm. All the GR LEX Partners have more than 20 years of experience dealing with complex matters involving the protection of IP rights for local and international clients, as well as, dealing with the highly demanding needs and challenges faced by IP owners in the Region.
the challenges of the information, technology and knowledge age, we are always seeking to respond and react by creating new strategies. Whenever an extraordinary situation arises, we have the necessary flexibility to think laterally and create solutions. This enables us to manage and resolve all matters handled by our Firm, in the most efficient and innovative way possible.
use our considerable expertise to anticipate when action is required to achieve our clients’ goals.
consider it essential to foster effective communications and personalize our contacts. Consequently, we fully understand our clients’ needs and budget concerns, to deliver the finest, tailored service.
are fully engaged with our clients’ needs and interests, and totally committed to providing the best professional services.
seek to win our clients’ trust and confidence based on our professionalism, ethical high standards, client references and track record.
we too are business orientated and are able to empathize with our clients’ requirements, we are in an excellent position to achieve optimum results.