Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office (SAPI) orders confirmation of interest in trademark opposition proceedings
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An Official Notification from the Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office (SAPI) was recently issued and published in the Official Bulletin No. 566 in force since September 12, 2016.

The official announcement informed interested parties that SAPI have issued a new regulation designed to identify and remove the backlog of pending opposition proceedings which have not been decided, in some cases for more than 5 years, and where the plaintiff/opponent, for whatever reason has no further intention of pursuing their interest in the pending opposition.

To this end, SAPI requires from the plaintiffs/opponents the confirmation of their continued interest and intention to pursue the pending oppositions. SAPI has notified that such confirmation of the plaintiffs/opponents pursuing of such oppositions must be confirmed in writing, by means of a Writ, by November 12, 2016.

According to SAPI’s official announcement, the lack of confirmation of interest will automatically result in a declaration that any pending opposition will lapse.

Cástor González-Escobar

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